October 2012 : Event Details
Fri, Oct 26 - 7pm
Sun, Oct 28 - 11am
Fr. Ken Van Haverbeke
Thomas Merton
A Retreat in Nature with Thomas Merton
Special donation-based retreat!
Presented by Fr. Ken VanHaverbeke

“Out here in the woods I can think of nothing except God, and it is not so much that I think of Him either. I am as aware of him as of the sun and the clouds and the blue sky and the thin cedar trees.” - Thomas Merton

Join Center Director Fr. Ken VanHaverbeke for this special weekend retreat based on the teachings of Thomas Merton.

Retreat topics will include:

  • “Detachment” -- The ‘how’ to realize God is in charge: I don’t have to do anything!

  • “Desire” -- God has given me an innate desire to grow, to be, and to accomplish. How is this compatible with God’s will? I want to do something!

  • “Blessed, unique, personal” -- Realization of my blessedness, uniqueness, and personal relationship with God, Church, Jesus, and world. I can do something!

"Donation-based retreats" are simple retreat weekends led by Center Director Fr. Ken Van Haverbeke. The retreat includes conferences, Mass, prayer time, the opportunity for confession, and fellowship.

The only required cost for this retreat is $29.75 which covers all meals (Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner and Sunday breakfast). 

An offering of $40 per night is suggested to help cover the costs of clean sheets, room maintenance, and comfortable atmosphere.


These retreats are designed to enhance quiet and rest-time so all participants will be assigned a bedroom even if they choose to use it only during the daytime hours.              

Regular Registration Fees
Free Commuter (None Available)
$29.75 Single (None Available)
Participants are welcome to make a donation to cover the room costs when they check in for the weekend.
Program Code: 12SGR07831
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