October 2014 : Event Details
Tue, Oct 7
7pm - 8:30pm
John Henry Newman
Blessed John Henry Newman (1 of 2)
Joins us for two Tuesdays discussing this great Nineteenth Century English Cardinal and his contributions to spreading the Good News.
Presented by Stephanie Mann

This two part series on Blessed John Henry Newman will focus on two of his greatest contributions to modern Catholicism: his teaching and example of conversion and his defense of the true meaning and function of conscience. Newman's conversion to Catholicism in 1845 was a bellwether event in his day and has influenced many other converts, especially from the Church of England and the Episcopalian church. His defense of the true meaning of conscience against what he called its counterfeit, self-will and false consistency, is even more important today. By highlighting Newman's conversion and conscience, the series will explore Newman's guidance for the New Evangelization and the laity's great role in spreading  the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Church.      

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