April 2017 : Event Details
Fri, Apr 28 - 6:30pm
Sat, Apr 29 - 4pm
Msgr. Stuart Swetland, S.T.D.
Dr. Kenneth Howell
Catholic Culture Conference
Join us for the third annual Catholic Culture Conference on the topic "The Purpose of the Polis: Catholic perspectives on Church and State "
Keynote Speaker Msgr. Stuart Swetland and Featuring Dr. Kenneth Howell

The Catholic Culture Conference is an opportunity for faithful Christians to come together for formation and fellowship. The program intends to promote Catholic values in personal and family life, as well as in society at large. 

The Conference will consist of multiple sessions, each geared towards some particular component of Catholic life in our modern age.  A combination of large group lectures and smaller breakout sessions will give each participant the opportunity to learn more about how Catholicism relates to–and is intended to positively change-our culture. 

Our Catholic Faith is not just a notional idea. It is a concrete reality with the power to open the hearts and minds of all peoples. It can make the societies in which we live flourish in the way God intended.  This Conference will give participants knowledge and inspiration to go about doing just that. 

Modern history has marked an unprecedented change in the religious climate of Western societies.  Ours is a secular age; one that would have been unthinkable for the first 1500 years of Christian history, with its contemporary manifestation largely unpredictable and unexpected even just a century ago.  What has changed regarding our expectations of government, and our understanding of the proper place of belief, virtue, and localized bonds of community within the larger framework of society?  The conference intends to serve as a dialogue regarding first principles of civilization, and to provide a corrective for the 21st century social imaginary, discussing not only its flaws and shortcomings, but also its potential for revitalization through a restoration of Christian culture.


Participants are encouraged to attend the entire conference, but if you'd like to come for Friday or Saturday only, please call the Center to register. (316) 744-0167    


Friday, April 28, 2017

6:30pm                        Wine/cheese Reception

7:30pm                        Keynote Lecture by Msgr. Swetland "The Unity of Life and the Transformation of Culture"


Saturday, April 28, 2017

8:00am                        Holy Mass- Chapel of Mary the First Disciple (optional)

8:30am                        Breakfast and book sales

9:30am Plenary Lecture- Msgr. Swetland “Towards a Just Society- Knowing and Living Catholic Social Doctrine"

10:30am                      Break and Book Sales

11am                           Breakout Sessions

12:00pm                      Lunch (Dining Room)

1:10pm                        Pillar Lecture with Dr. Howell "On Earth as Heaven: Forming a Civilization with Divine Love"

2:10pm                        Break

2:30pm                        Breakout Sessions

3:30pm                        Panel Conversation with Conference Speakers: Questions, Answers, and Comments

4:30pm                        Closing Prayer and Dismissal 


“The Unity of Life and the Transformation of Culture”, by Msgr. Stuart Swetland

From the beginning, outsiders have been drawn to the Church through the witness of the radical way of life embodied by Christians.  The Church can only maintain its proper relationship with the state when its members live out her teachings authentically in private and in public.  This talk will discuss the necessity of an integrated life for Catholics, not only for their own salvation, but indeed for the salvation of the world.  


“Towards a Just Society- Knowing and Living Catholic Social Doctrine” by Msgr. Stuart Swetland

This talk will discuss the seven themes of Catholic Social Doctrine as it has been articulated by the Magisterium, showing how these themes are the bedrock of religious and civic life.


“The Church, the State, and the Dignity of the Human Person” by Msgr. Stuart Swetland

In this breakout session, Msgr. Swetland will delve more deeply into the particular political issues of the day that bear serious weight when it comes to the formation of our consciences and the exercise of our political responsibility as Catholics.


“On Earth as in Heaven: Forming a Civilization with Divine Love” by Kenneth Howell, Ph.D.

As Catholic Christians, we daily pray that God’s Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. We desire to see society more conformed to God’s will. The history of human thought shows clearly how many different strategies there are to remake a society.  From the republics of Greek and Roman antiquity through the Utopias of early modern Europe to the Marxist project of complete egalitarianism, mankind has sought to build a perfect world. While Christians may not always know how to implement their ideals, those ideals have been articulated in Catholic theology. The ultimate First Principle is God himself, a three-personed Essence of Love.  We must admit that we cannot rebuild our society into a Utopia but we can form a society permeated with Divine Love whose ultimate goal (or telos) is union with God in the world to come. Jesus Christ himself is the model of that Communion of Love.  

“The Three Unifying Principles of Education: Truth, Goodness, Beauty”  by Kenneth Howell, Ph.D.

The twentieth century experiments in education have ended in failure for three reasons: 1) misidentification of the problems, 2) misunderstanding of the human person, 3) misidentification of the goal of education. But modern education has one thing right. Education does have an impact on society. If our society is to reflect more truly Christian values, education must be based on three unifying principles: truth, goodness, and beauty. These three are ultimately one because they are simply human ways of understanding the One who is the Architype of all Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.  

“Today’s Catholic Politician: Search for an Identity” by Chuck Weber

Perhaps the most important question Jesus ever asked was: “Who do you say that I am?”  It is this very same question—and incisive answer--that we are called to reflect upon each day as we ponder our own identity and role in the world.  For the Catholic Politician, this reflection can at times be particularly vexing.  Should the views of our elected officials reflect that of the constituent? If so, how does one determine that “view”?  Which constituent(s)? Are there “non-negotiables” in the Public Square?  Chuck looks at prudential judgment, Catholic Teaching and real-life situations at the intersection of politics and contemporary culture.  

Regular Registration Fees
$60.00 Commuter
$100.00 Single
$85.00 Double
Program Code: 17AWW11717
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