July 2017 : Event Details
Thu, Jul 13 - 6:30pm
Sat, Jul 15 - 4pm
SLC Summer Symposium 2017
"Conversion and Conscience: Freedom, Will, and Truth in the Human Quest for Meaning"

The Summer Symposium is an opportunity for presenters and participants to gather for prayer, celebration, and intellectual exchange.  The symposium begins with a keynote banquet, and continues with two full days consisting of morning prayer, Holy Mass, and lectures in four pillar content areas (Doctrine, Spirituality, Literature, and Catholic Living). 

This year’s theme is "Conversion and Conscience: Freedom, Will, and Truth in the Human Quest for Meaning" and will feature lectures by Dr James Madden, professor of philosophy at Benedictine College, Fr. Thomas Hoisington, priest in residence at St. Mary's Parish in Garden Plain, Fr. Joshua Lollar, priest at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Lawrence, and Stephanie Mann, local author of "Supremacy and Survival: How Catholics Endured the English Reformation."


The life of Christ provides us with a model for obedience: In the person of Jesus, human will was perfectly aligned with divine will. But, with lives filled with distraction and cross-pressures, and minds filled with confusion and doubt, how are we to follow in his example? How can we overcome the dissenting voices around us, and the sinful impulses within us, which tempt us to follow the example of the world, rather than the example of our Lord? Utilizing Christological, philosophical, and historical perspectives, this symposium will provide insights into ways our forebears have pursued authentic human liberty by focusing on the transcendent, even in the midst of persecution.


**Special pricing available for those only able to attend part of the symposium. Please call the Center to inquire. (316) 744-0167**    

Regular Registration Fees
$115.00 Commuter (None Available)
$200.00 Single (None Available)
$180.00 Double (None Available)
Program Code: 17AWW12328
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