July 2017 : Event Details
Thu, Jul 20 - 7:30pm
Sun, Jul 23 - 1pm
    Fr. Ken Van Haverbeke
    A Silent Retreat: The Carthusian Experience
    Do you desire liberty, peace and joy? Consider the way of Saint Bruno and the Carthusian Order as a manner of retreating…even for a few days. Discover God, or better yet, let God discover you! Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God! (Matthew 5:8)

    The Spiritual Life Center is offering a very unique opportunity to be found by God. Three days of silence, solitude in community, and prayer.

    During the days of this silent retreat we will follow the manner of life of the Carthusians. The Carthusian Order was founded by Saint Bruno in 1084 and at present is composed of about 450 monks and nuns who live a solitary life at the heart of the Church. Retreatants will consecrate these days entirely to prayer and seeking God in the secret of their hearts. They will intercede for the Church and for the salvation of the whole world. The time in retreat will balance between:

    • silence and solitude found in one’s room or in chapel

    • prayer in common and in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

    • common celebration of the Mass in a more contemplative manner

    The purpose of the retreat will be the purpose of the Carthusian way of life as stated in their statues:

    “All monastic life thus consists of this journey towards the heart and all the meaning of our life is oriented towards this end. It helps the monk unite his life to charity, introducing it to the depths of his heart.” (Statues 3.2)

    This will not be a preached or conference retreat, rather a silent retreat allowing space for our Lord to speak individually to us. Individual spiritual direction, as well as opportunity for the Sacrament of Confession, the Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, will be provided.

    “The primary application of our vocation is to give ourselves to the silence and solitude of the cell. It is holy ground, the area where God and his servant hold frequent conversations, as between friends. There, the soul often unites itself to the Word of God, bride to the groom, the earth to the sky, man to the divine. (Statues 4.1)

    During this retreat, retreatants will experience separation from the world, silence, and an interior solitude of the heart. Each retreatant will have a private room in the Private Directed Retreat Wing, separated from any other group, and private time before the Blessed Sacrament and space to be found by God! 

    Regular Registration Fees
    $225.00 Single (None Available)
    $195.00 Double (None Available)
    Program Code: 17SFR13359
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